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MRM Assay Kit

Researchers in academia and life science industries continue to adopt a targeted, bottom-up MS-based proteomic workflow for biomarker discovery and validation. Biomarker validation requires absolute quantification of surrogate peptides in the sample matrix, a requirement that is best achieved using stable isotope-enriched peptide internal standards (SIS). Although the use of SIS has increased the reliability of LC-MRM/MS-based assays, optimal results require properly functioning equipment and a workflow with minimal human error and bias.
To help researchers establish a stable LC-MRM/MS platform for bottom-up quantitative proteomics, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to offer PeptiQuant™ kits from MRM Proteomics Inc. These kits include the PeptiQuant™ Monthly LC-MS Platform Performance Kit, the PeptiQuant™ Daily LC-MS Platform Performance Kit, and the PeptiQuant™ Workflow Performance Kit. These innovative products are used to assess and track LC-MS performance of the LC-MS platform in a proteomic workflow in order to highlight any possible issues affecting quantitation.
CIL is also pleased to offer the PeptiQuant™ Biomarker Assessment Kit (BAK-76), to help researchers monitor multiple key proteins in human plasma. This turnkey solution contains the reagents and software tools to simultaneously measure up to 76 proteins of biological importance in a sample of human plasma.
MRM Human Kit Image PeptiQuant™ MRM Assay Kits – Human
MRM Mouse Kit Image PeptiQuant™ MRM Assay Kits – Mouse
MRM Apolipoprotein Image PeptiQuant™ MRM Assay Kits – Apolipoproteins
BAK-76 Image BAK-76 Kit Specification Sheet for SIS Peptide Mixture
BAK 81 Image BAK-81 Kit Specification Sheet for SIS Peptide Mixture (Mouse)
APO-14 Image APO-14 Kit Specification Sheet for SIS Peptide Mixture (Human)
MRM Price Image PeptiQuant™ MRM Assay Kits Price List (please enquire for UK prices)


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PeptiQuant MRM Assay Kits

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